12 Ways to save money for travel PullOverAndLetMeOut Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

12 Ways To Save Money For Travel

Scrolling through all the gorgeous travel pictures on Instagram, it's easy to develop a bad case of FOMO. Fear of missing out on exotic adventures or simply fear of not being able to splurge on a long-deserved staycation. Regardless of destination, when considering the question, what keeps you from traveling? invariably one of if not the first response is ... MONEY$! Lack of money shouldn't prevent you from…
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Pull Over Postcards 2018 Year In Review

Pull Over Postcards – 2018 Year In Review

What lifts you up?  It's a simple question I heard asked the other day and it made me pause. It's the time of year for reflecting. So when I heard that question, it compelled me to examine 2018 through a different lens. Rather than ruminating over goals and accomplishments, I choose to contemplate the uplifting moments. Moments I laughed. Moments of success. Moments of silliness. Moments of joy.…
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Simple Irish Scone Recipe is a twist on an easy scone recipe with a slight Irish twist. #PullOverAndLetMeOut #scones #sconerecipe #easyscones #cranberryscones #breakfast #tea ##simplesconerecipe

Simple Irish Scone Recipe

Part of the joy of traveling is tasting and savoring the local cuisine. In Ireland, one particular baked good became my favorite. I always enjoy a hot cup of tea and a scone when I'm there. I've often shared my strategy for what I refer to as "tea and sconing" through Ireland. (read more here) Therefore, I decided to try and re-create those yummy pastries at home. Through…
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Travel Journals are a wonderful gift and a great way to remember your adventures. Here are 11 Favorite Travel Journal Ideas #PullOverAndLetMeOut #travel #writing #journal #traveljournal #travelnotebook #traveldiary #travellog #kidstraveljournal

11 Favorite Travel Journal Ideas

"Write it down, you’ll want to remember.”  Those were my mother’s words when she handed me my very first travel diary. The denim covered book adorned with little gnomes and the words Gnome Gnotebook emblazoned across the front would be the first of many travel diaries. Moreover, it would spark the flame within that ultimately led to the creation of I was only 19 at the time, but…
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R.M. Rose Company Dillard, GA PullOverAndLetMeOut

R.M. Rose Company is Bringing ‘Fire’ to the North Georgia Mountains

Not Since Prohibition... In Dillard, Georgia, in the North Georgia mountains, there's a revival taking place at  R.M. Rose Company Distillers. In 1867, The R.M. Rose Company was established and began setting the standard for American whiskey. The whiskey became so popular, Rose Company was quickly producing their old-fashioned corn whiskey in multiple states and cities throughout the U.S. In 1904, R.M. Rose Company won the "Gold Medal"…
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Pittsboro, North Carolina PullOverAndLetMeOut

Pittsboro Is a Charming Weekend Pit-Stop in the Heart of Carolina

In what is almost exactly the geographic center of North Carolina you'll find the town of Pittsboro. Established in 1787, Pittsboro is the county seat of Chatham County, named for William Pitt the Younger, the son of the first Earl of Chatham. Situated 17-miles south of Chapel Hill and 34-miles west of Raleigh, Pittsboro is the type of southern town that looks like it popped out of a…
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