The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland PullOverAndLetMeOut

A Simple Guide for Planning Your Visit to The Cliffs of Moher Ireland

On my first visit to the Cliffs of Moher Ireland, I was blown away by the surreal beauty. It was one of those life-altering inspirational travel moments forever changing a young tourist into a motivated traveler. The atmosphere was peaceful, soul-filling, and it moved me. So much so, I wrote about it and the moment ultimately became the opening paragraph of my debut novel. I often talk about my…
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Balsam Mountain; a cabin rental beyond all others

One of my favorite vacations was when the family spent a week in a cabin we rented in the mountains.  The scenery, fresh air, and outdoor activities; it was the perfect getaway.  That’s why I had to learn more when I found out about this unique way of renting a mountain cabin. Tucked in the Balsam Mountains of North Carolina's Blue Ridge, is an out-of-the-ordinary community of rental…
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10 Things Families Love About Fontana Village Resort

Unplug At Fontana Village Resort In our modern era of social media, video games, cell phones, and 24-7 television, finding a way to take a break from it all and relax is getting difficult.  Family vacations should be a time to unplug and reconnect with the people we love.  Finding the right location to make our escape isn't always easy or affordable, but I've found a mountain resort…
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