How a girly-girl overcame fear to take vacations with a reptilian twist

I've always been a girly-girl. Even as a kid during my Tom-boy stage where I wore football jerseys, short hair and adventure meant riding my bike off of home made ramps with my brothers, I still somehow migrated towards all things feminine. I guess having grown up with only brothers I was trying to fit in and share their interests, but that was long ago. After my first…
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Temecula - California's Other Wine Country PullOverAndLetMeOut

Temecula – California’s Other Wine Country

While visiting San Diego, I ventured outside the city and took a day trip to the Temecula Wine Region.  Prior to my visit, I knew very little about this burgeoning wine region in Southern California. Napa and Sonoma are renowned, but this charming, less-traveled wine growing community was new to me.   Temecula Old Town Our day starts when the Destination Temecula coach picks us up at our…
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8 Things I learned about apple-picking

I love this time of year. The first crisp fall days make me want to get out and savor the autumnal beauty and mild temperatures. Weekends are filled with fun fall activities. In recent years I've added apple-picking to our fall activity list and it has quickly become a family favorite. If you've never been apple-picking I highly recommend giving it a try. Now that I'm no longer…
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How a peanut plantation helped me share my love of history

  Poplar Grove Plantation in Wilmington, NC One of the things I love most about traveling is learning the history of the place I'm visiting. Maybe it's the history buff in me but I especially relish finding lesser-known tourist attractions with a story to tell. It makes me feel I'm coming away with a nugget of knowledge I might not have if I'd gone…
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You’ll love the hard-shell patients at The Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Along the Georgia Coast about half way between Savannah and Jacksonville, FL is Jekyll Island. Once known as an exclusive winter retreat for America's elite families, today the island is popular as a beach vacation destination and golfer's paradise. The Georgia Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center on Jekyll Island ~ PullOverandLetMeOut It's also home to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Erika…
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Battleship North Carolina by day – Ghost Ship by night

Battleship North Carolina ~ PullOverandLetMeOut The USS North Carolina participated in every major naval offensive in the Pacific during WWII, earning 15 battle stars. The USS North Carolina was designed to carry 1,800 men, but by the end f the war was home to over 2,300 The crew slept in metal bunks stacked five tiers high The Battleship could carry 120 days of food…
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