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11 Fun Things To Do In Hershey & Harrisburg PA PullOverAndLetMeOut

11 Fun Things To Do In Hershey & Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

When I was a kid growing up in Maryland, my father would take us on car trips to Hershey and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. I have happy memories of those childhood journeys, so I was thrilled to return as an adult to further explore the region. On the banks of the Susquehanna River sits Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania capital. Just a few short miles away is Hershey, The Sweetest…
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The Pennsylvania State Capitol Harrisburg PA PullOverAndLetMeOut

Touring the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg

It's the green glazed terra cotta tile dome catching my eye upon spotting the Pennsylvania State Capitol building. The huge dome sits atop the grand building and is a focal point of downtown Harrisburg. Dedicated in 1906 and designed by Joseph Huston, in the American Renaissance style, the massive building is the seat of state government. Equally important, it's an artistic, architectural, and historical gem. As a history…
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Valley Forge, PA PullOverAndLetMeOut

Valley Forge with Grandma and an eight year old in 95 degree weather – it was fun

Taking summer trips to historic places can be risky depending on where you go. Crowds, high temps, cranky traveling companions can all zap the energy out of a fun-loving spirit. However, a journey to Valley Forge National Historic Park in Pennsylvania turned out to be a highly pleasing melange of heat, humidity, and history.     Valley Forge National Historical Park Okay, maybe the part about heat and…
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Philadelphia's Valley Green Inn PullOverAndLetMeOut

Philadelphia’s Valley Green Inn – A Historic Tavern On The Wissahickon

Thank goodness my Garmin knows where to take me. I can see it might be a challenge finding my way to the Valley Green Inn on the Wissahickon in Philadelphia. However, once I arrive I know it's definitely worth the effort of finding this landmark.     Historic taverns are favorite destinations of mine. For some reason, I find dining in nostalgic surroundings makes my meal more enjoyable.…
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